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Cutting Edge Biologic Options for Sinus Problems

Over the years, we have made many strides in improving the way we are able…

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Dangers of Earbud & Earpod Use

From teenagers and adolescents to working adults, everyone is using either earbuds or earpods these…

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Q-Tips & Ears: Good or Bad?

Keeping cotton swabs, such as Q-tips, in the bathroom to clean out your ears is…

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What to Do About Frequent Throat Clearing

We all clear our throats sometimes without giving it much thought. We may do it…

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Lingering Loss of Smell After COVID-19? Here’s What to Do

Smell is one of our five senses that we often think little about even though…

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All About Nasal Congestion

There are two words we hear a lot at ExcelENT all year round, but especially…

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Causes of Chronic Cough

A cough that just won’t go away is one of the most common reasons for…

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Major Jumps in Hearing Device Technology You Should Know About

New Hearing Device Technology at ExcelENT of Alabama   The world of hearing devices can…

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The Driving Force Behind All Sinus Issues: Inflammation

Many patients often wonder WHY they continue to have sinus problems. What’s the root cause…

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Do You Have Good Vocal Hygiene?

When you think of “good hygiene” you may immediately come up with washing your hands,…

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Hearing Loss & Cognitive Decline

Hearing Loss & Cognitive Decline   There are many risks associated with hearing loss that…

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The Cause of Your Summer Sinus Issues: Inflammation

Days spent at the pool, nights around the bonfire, hours spent playing outside in the…

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Get to Know ExcelENT of Alabama’s Newest Audiologist Helen Lee Miles

Inspired by her aunt and uncle who were both audiologists, Helen Lee Miles fell in…

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Being fitted for hearing aids by ExcelENT of Alabama

Frequently Asked Questions about hearing and hearing aids

FAQ's About Hearing Aids   Did you know that people who need hearing aids wait…

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Buying the perfect hearing aids: things you never thought about asking

Hearing Aids   You’ve resigned yourself to the fact that it’s time to get a…

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