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What is Good Vocal Hygiene? Everything You Need to Know

Whether you are a professional singer, public speaker, office leader, or just someone who enjoys conversation, maintaining good strategies for vocal hygiene is crucial. Everyone is at risk for developing vocal problems, and millions of people report issues every year. Let’s explore what vocal hygiene is and some practical tips for avoiding voice problems and keeping your vocal cords in the best shape possible.

Common Causes and Symptoms of Voice Problems

Your vocal cords are delicate structures that vibrate to make sound. Problems with your voice can be caused by factors like infections, overuse, throat injury, and acid reflux, which can cause cord nodules, structural abnormalities, and other problems with the vocal cords.

Common symptoms of voice problems include:

  • Hoarseness
  • Changes in pitch or volume of the voice
  • Difficulty speaking or vocal fatigue
  • Voice breaks or cracks
  • Throat pain or discomfort
  • Chronic cough or frequent throat-clearing

If you are experiencing any changes in your speech, such as odd sounds or sensations, it is important to seek a voice evaluation from an ENT.

Strategies for Good Vocal Hygiene

Some vocal problems cannot be prevented, but healthy habits can minimize the risk of developing these issues.

Here are a few good habits for maintaining healthy vocal cords:

  • Avoid excessive throat-clearing
  • Try not to yell often
  • Avoid whispering
  • Manage acid reflux
  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid irritants like caffeine, alcohol, and smoking
  • Use proper warm-up and cooldown techniques before and after speeches or singing sessions
  • Rest your voice after prolonged use
  • Practice good breathing, posture, and speaking from the diaphragm to reduce strain

You should also stay mindful of environmental factors like dry air, pollution, and allergens that could impact your vocal health. Try using a humidifier in your home and avoiding smoky environments.

Evaluating Voice Problems

In addition to these healthy voice practices, you should also consider regular check-ups or a voice evaluation with an ENT specialist to detect potential problems early on and facilitate prompt treatment. An evaluation will provide a comprehensive understanding of your vocal functioning and guide treatment recommendations.

During a voice evaluation, you can expect your ENT to review your medical history and discuss your current symptoms and concerns. You will be asked to perform various vocal tasks.

As you perform various vocal tasks, your ENT will use advanced technology to analyze your voice acoustically and visually via stroboscopy. The stroboscopy only takes a few minutes, after which we may spend an additional half hour or more to take your history and discuss a plan.

The team at Excel ENT is dedicated to ensuring a thorough assessment while respecting your time and providing a comfortable experience throughout the process.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Voice Problems

If you are experiencing persistent vocal problems, you will typically see a speech-language pathologist or otolaryngologist at your local ENT clinic.

Voice Problem Diagnosis: Laryngeal Video EndoStroboscopy

Your ENT will use tools like Laryngeal Video EndoStroboscopy to diagnose your vocal issue. provides a fascinating view of your vocal cords and their movement. This procedure uses a flashing light to create a slow-motion visual of your vocal cords, allowing your physician to spot irregularities, lesions, or masses that may be affecting your voice.

Voice Problem Treatments Tailored to You

Once a diagnosis has been made, an ENT will provide treatments such as voice therapy, medication, vocal cord surgery, or a combination of treatments to address underlying issues and improve vocal health.

At Excel ENT, our goal is to improve voice quality and enhance the overall quality of life for our patients experiencing vocal difficulties.

Learn More About Good Vocal Hygiene and Voice Evaluations

If you still have questions about good vocal hygiene, visit your ENT for more information. No matter what voice problems you may be experiencing, the Speech-Language Pathologists at Excel ENT are experienced in treating voice problems and can teach you about proper care for your vocal cords. They use cutting-edge technology to diagnose your problem and create a tailored treatment plan.

If you or your loved one are experiencing voice problems, we can help. Schedule an appointment online, or call to discuss coming in at a time that’s best for you: 205-651-8764.

Improve Your Vocal Hygiene at Excel ENT

If you are experiencing vocal issues, don’t put off making an appointment with ExcelENT’s Speech-Language Pathologists. Our team will work diligently to diagnose your issue and tailor a treatment plan for your issue in no time. Schedule an appointment online, or call to discuss coming in at a time that’s best for you: 205-651-8764.

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