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Nasal Obstruction
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Breathe Easy with High-Quality Nasal Obstruction Treatments

Nasal Obstruction Treatment: VIVAER® Nasal Airway Remodeling

At ExcelENT, we offer a range of effective treatments for nasal obstruction to help alleviate discomfort and improve the quality of life for our patients. Our experienced team of ENT specialists understands that nasal obstruction can be caused by various factors, such as structural abnormalities, allergies, or chronic sinus conditions.

With a thorough evaluation and personalized approach, we aim to identify the underlying cause of your nasal obstruction and provide targeted treatments to address your specific needs. We are dedicated to finding the most appropriate solution to restore proper nasal function and help you breathe more easily.

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Nasal Obstruction Treatment: VIVAER® Nasal Airway Remodeling

Nasal airway obstruction is a common condition that hampers the flow of air through the nose. Previously, treatment options were limited to medications, breathing strips, or invasive surgeries with long recovery periods. VIVAER® offers a new, non-invasive solution performed by ENT physicians to enhance your breathing comfort and quality.

The VIVAER® Nasal Airway Remodeling treatment, conducted in the comfort of your doctor’s office, is a non-invasive procedure that does not involve any cutting. The treatment gently and permanently reshapes the nasal valve area by utilizing low-temperature radiofrequency energy. Following this method, patients experience a noticeable improvement in nasal breathing. Breathe more easily and improve your quality of life by scheduling a consultation with ExcelENT today.

Common Symptoms of Nasal Obstruction

Frequently Asked Questions

Nasal Obstruction FAQs

Nasal obstruction is often caused by the narrowing of the nasal valve area, which can be due to the enlargement of structures such as the septum, lateral wall, and turbinates. These structural changes lead to a decrease in the overall size of the nasal airway, impeding the smooth flow of air through the nose.

As a result, individuals with nasal obstruction may experience difficulty breathing, persistent nasal congestion, and disrupted sleep patterns. Understanding the underlying causes of nasal obstruction is crucial in determining appropriate treatment options that can effectively address the narrowing of the nasal airway and restore optimal airflow for improved nasal function and overall well-being.

Traditionally, nasal obstruction has been managed with ongoing home remedies like breathing strips, nasal dilators, and sprays, which provide temporary relief. Alternatively, traditional nasal surgery has been employed for more severe cases but involves pain, recovery time, and varying results.

However, a non-invasive treatment option called VIVAER® Nasal Airway Remodeling is now available to address nasal obstruction by reshaping the nasal valve area. Visit ExcelENT to learn which treatment option is best for your needs.

VIVAER® Nasal Airway Remodeling is a suitable treatment option for many individuals with nasal obstruction caused by a narrowing of the nasal valve. However, you must consult an ENT specialist to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. The specialist will assess your specific condition and medical history to determine the most appropriate treatment approach for your nasal obstruction.

To schedule an appointment with one of our Birmingham ENT specialists, call us at (205) 988-6858, or send us an appointment request.

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