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Sinus Evaluation
ExcelENT of Alabama
Accurate Assessment & Personalized Treatment Plans for Sinus Conditions

Comprehensive Sinus Evaluations in Birmingham, AL

If you’re experiencing persistent sinus problems that are affecting your quality of life, it may be time to undergo a sinus evaluation at ExcelENT. Our skilled team of specialists is dedicated to effectively diagnosing and treating sinus conditions. During a sinus evaluation, our experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify the root cause of your symptoms.

This evaluation may involve a thorough examination of your medical history, a physical inspection of your nasal passages, and possibly additional diagnostic tests, such as imaging studies or nasal endoscopy. With our advanced diagnostic tools and expertise, we can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan to help you find long-lasting relief from your sinus issues.

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What to Expect During an ENT Examination

When you visit ExcelENT of Alabama for an initial ENT examination, Dr. Davis will thoroughly evaluate your face, ears, nose, throat, and neck. Dr. Davis will use specialized tools, including a handheld speculum and headlight, to carefully examine your nasal septum and turbinates during the nasal examination. This detailed inspection allows for a comprehensive assessment of abnormalities or issues affecting your nasal passages. To further enhance the examination, a decongestant nose spray may be applied to your nose before and after to provide a clearer view and a more accurate evaluation.

Rest assured that our team is committed to providing you with a comfortable and informative experience as we strive to identify and address any ENT concerns you may have.

Signs You Need to Schedule a Sinus Evaluation

  • Persistent or recurrent sinus infections
  • Chronic nasal congestion
  • Facial pain or pressure
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Recurring sinus headaches
Frequently Asked Questions

Sinus Evaluation FAQs

Dr. Davis believes in a comprehensive approach to patient care, and for many sinus and nasal conditions, conservative treatment plans and medical management can be highly effective. These non-invasive and non-surgical options aim to alleviate symptoms and improve the underlying condition without the need for more invasive procedures. Conservative treatment plans may include prescription medications, such as nasal sprays, saline irrigations, or oral medications, to reduce inflammation, relieve congestion, and manage symptoms.

By starting with conservative approaches, Dr. Davis seeks to provide relief and improve your condition while minimizing the potential risks and complications associated with more invasive interventions. If traditional treatment options do not yield satisfactory results, Dr. Davis will discuss alternative treatment options with you and explore further opportunities to address your specific needs.

A nasal endoscopy is a diagnostic procedure performed by an ear, nose, and throat specialist to evaluate the inside of your nasal passages and sinuses. During the procedure, a thin, flexible tube called an endoscope is inserted into your nostril, allowing the doctor to visualize the nasal cavity and sinuses in detail. The endoscope is equipped with a light and a small camera that captures images, providing valuable information about the condition of your nasal passages, such as the presence of polyps, inflammation, or other abnormalities.

A nasal endoscopy helps our ENT doctors make an accurate diagnosis and determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your nasal and sinus issues.

A sinus CT scan, also known as a sinus CT scan or sinus imaging, is a diagnostic test that provides detailed images of your sinuses. It is usually recommended when other diagnostic methods, such as physical examination or nasal endoscopy, do not provide sufficient information. A sinus CT scan can help identify structural abnormalities, such as deviated septum, nasal polyps, or sinus blockages, that may be causing your symptoms. It is a non-invasive procedure that uses X-ray technology to create cross-sectional images of your sinuses, allowing the doctor to evaluate the extent and nature of the sinus problems.

A sinus CT consultation refers to reviewing and interpreting the sinus CT scan results with an ear, nose, and throat specialist. The consultation helps our ExcelENT team understand the issues affecting your sinuses and develop an appropriate treatment plan tailored to your condition.

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