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Nasal Polyps
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Understanding & Overcoming Chronic Nasal Congestion

Find Long-Lasting Relief: Nasal Polyps Treatment in Birmingham, AL

Chronic nasal congestion can be a persistent and bothersome condition that affects daily life. While temporary congestion is often linked to allergies or common colds, some individuals experience ongoing sinus blockage and congestion. Nasal polyps are a common culprit behind this lasting congestion. Gaining a deeper understanding of the causes and impact of nasal polyps is essential for finding effective solutions and achieving long-term relief from chronic nasal congestion.

Contact ExcelENT today to schedule a consultation and explore personalized treatment options for nasal polyps, allowing our experienced specialists to provide you with unique solutions and long-term relief from chronic nasal congestion.

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SINUVA: Innovative Sinus Polyp Treatment

SINUVA provides a new treatment option for patients who have previously had sinus surgery and want an alternative to daily nasal sprays or additional surgeries. This innovative sinus implant, made of bioabsorbable polymers, delivers an anti-inflammatory medication directly to the nasal polyps. By reducing the size of the polyps, it improves airflow and allows better drainage of the sinuses. The implant is placed during a simple office visit and is usually not felt by the patient.

After about 90 days, the implant is removed by the physician. It’s important to note that the implant naturally softens over time and may be accidentally expelled through forceful nose blowing or sneezing.

Common Symptoms

  • Congestion or sinus pressure
  • Breathing problems
  • Recurring infections
  • Reductions in the senses of smell and taste
  • Pain in upper teeth or face
  • Nosebleeds
Frequently Asked Questions

Nasal Polyps FAQs

Nasal polyps can develop due to prolonged inflammation from allergies, infections, or chronic sinusitis. They are most common in young adults and middle-aged individuals. If you experience chronic swelling lasting 12 weeks or more, schedule an appointment with ExcelENT for an evaluation. Dr. Davis may perform a nasal endoscopy to determine if polyps contribute to your breathing difficulties.

Nasal polyp treatment aims to reduce their size and improve breathing and sinus drainage. Initial treatment often involves nasal steroid sprays and nasal rinses to reduce inflammation. However, nasal sprays provide only temporary relief, and symptoms may return once the spray is discontinued. In cases where nasal sprays are insufficient, surgical removal of the polyps may be considered to open up the ethmoid sinuses and improve medication delivery.

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment if you’re experiencing chronic congestion and breathing issues. Dr. Davis can provide personalized care and help you find the most suitable treatment option for nasal polyps. It is possible to effectively manage this condition and improve your quality of life.

While nasal polyps are a chronic condition, there are steps you can take to manage the inflammation that contributes to their growth. These steps include managing seasonal allergies, avoiding nasal irritants like tobacco and allergens, humidifying your home to facilitate mucus flow, and using nasal rinses to improve mucus movement and clear allergens.

Dr. Davis, our sinus expert, can help determine the right treatment plan for you and guide you in managing your nasal polyps effectively.

To schedule an appointment with one of our Birmingham ENT specialists, call us at (205) 988-6858, or send us an appointment request.

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