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A doctor examines a woman for sinus issues. An ArchSinus Stent is featured in the foreground.

The ArchSinus Stent: Better Healing Solutions After Sinus Surgery

It’s estimated that in the United States, more than 250,000 people every year undergo sinus surgery of some sort to address a variety of nasal and sinus problems. With such a large number, it’s no wonder that modern medicine continues to develop advanced technologies that improve outcomes and simplify procedures. At Excel ENT, we’re proud to support our patients with better therapeutic strategies in our office and for their at-home care. Keep reading to learn more about one of the most recent techniques we’ve begun incorporating into our practice. 

Introducing the ArchSinus Stent

This stent is fairly new in the market, and as the latest technology for sinus surgery healing, it’s a strong competitor against other middle meatal stents. 

What is an ArchSinus Stent? 

The ArchSinus stent is an implant placed after nasal surgery, designed to promote faster post-surgical healing by keeping the nasal passage open to proper airflow. It works as a spacer to provide temporary support of the middle turbinate and prevent scarring of the middle meatus.  In addition, it allows topical medications to be delivered to the sinuses after surgery to decrease inflammation.  The spacer can be easily placed during surgery and easily removed by a sinus doctor after surgery.  

When is an ArchSinus Stent Needed? 

Your nose is a delicate structure, and after sinus surgery, it can require support to maintain proper airflow and heal in an ideal way. 

One of the most common complications after sinus surgery is scarring of the middle meatal space with middle turbinate lateralization. The middle meatal space is an interior part of your sinus cavity, and the turbinates are important structures located in your nose. Placing a temporary support like the ArchSinus stent can help prevent scarring and lateralization from happening to these areas, creating better outcomes for your surgery. 

At ExcelENT, we primarily use the ArchSinus stent after Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS). This minimally invasive procedure is used to unblock sinus openings, and the ArchSinus stent helps keep the sinus cavity open during the critical healing phase thus promoting faster post-surgical healing.

The Benefits of The ArchSinus Stent

Some of the primary benefits of the ArchSinus stent are as follows: 

  • The newest technology on the market
  • Allows for quick delivery of steroid rinses into the sinus cavity
  • Easy and precise implantation
  • Comfortable for the duration of placement
  • Easy for the doctor to remove in the office
  • Made out of nitinol so it has less adhesive properties inside the nose

Supportive Sinus Surgery and More at ExcelENT

At Excel ENT, we believe in building trust with our patients by providing transparency. That’s why we’re here to thoroughly explain our procedures and the technologies we implement. Using the latest technology is just one of the ways we elevate our level of care in addition to thorough pre-care and post-care routines. We offer in-depth consultations to address your concerns and set appropriate expectations. 

For all your ear, nose, and throat needs, turn to Excel ENT for expert treatment in Homewood, Hoover, Vestavia, Mountainbrook, and the surrounding neighborhoods. Contact us today to learn about the latest treatment options, or get started by scheduling your appointment online

Considering Sinus Surgery? Looking for Professional Advice?

Look no further than Excel ENT of Alabama. We’re the ear, nose, and throat professional, and we focus our practice on helping patients find precise treatment plans to meet their unique needs. These health issues can have a variety of nuanced causes, but we make it easier to address the aspects that affect your daily life. 

If you need sinus surgery or you’re living with persistent sinus problems, there’s no better time than the present to take care of these concerns.  Book an appointment with Excel ENT today by calling us at (205) 988-6858 or contact us online to get started.

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