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What are our recommended treatment options for chronic rhinitis?

Are you tired of dealing with constant congestion, never-ending running noses, perpetual post-nasal drip, painful headaches, and the many other symptoms that come along with chronic rhinitis

This common condition is nothing to take lightly, and it can often take a toll on one’s quality of life. If you are ready to address your chronic rhinitis, discover the best rhinitis treatments we recommend at ExcelENT

Best Treatments for Chronic Rhinitis 

Types of Chronic Rhinitis

Firstly, it’s essential to know we categorize chronic rhinitis into two types: allergic and non-allergic. 

Allergic rhinitis is caused by environmental allergies, such as dust, pollen, or pet dander. It is characterized by an itchy or runny nose, sneezing, and nasal congestion. 

Non-allergic rhinitis is when an allergic or other cause can’t be identified. Additionally, chronic rhinitis occurs for weeks to months on end over a year or more. Non-allergic chronic rhinitis tends not to have other allergic symptoms, such as itchy and runny eyes, and is more persistent and less seasonal. 

When it comes to treating chronic rhinitis, many times, the most effective treatments involve a combination of medications, lifestyle changes, and, in the most severe cases, a surgical procedure. 


There are several over-the-counter and prescription medications available that can help control your chronic rhinitis symptoms. These may include: 

  • Antihistamines work for allergies and include oral medications and nasal sprays. 
  • OTC saline nasal sprays. 
  • OTC decongestants. Our doctor’s tip is not to use these decongestants for longer than three days, or it can cause a rebound effect, making your symptoms worse. 
  • Prescription corticosteroid nasal sprays. 
  • Prescription anticholinergic nasal sprays. 
  • Allergy shots or sublingual immunotherapy for allergies. 

For chronic allergic rhinitis, we recommend trying OTC antihistamines first to see if that helps your symptoms. For non-allergic chronic rhinitis, decongestants, or a combination of decongestants and antihistamines seem to work better. 

However, it’s best to visit an experienced ENT doctor for a more thorough evaluation and professional recommendation regarding chronic rhinitis medication such as ExcelENT

Lifestyle Changes 

For those with chronic allergic rhinitis, often the best and most effective way to treat it is to avoid the allergens or triggers that cause it in the first place. Some lifestyle changes we recommend are: 

  • Using a cool-mist humidifier. 
  • Practicing nasal irrigation several times per day. 
  • Use a pollen mask when mowing the grass or cleaning the house.
  • Keep windows closed when pollen counts are high.
  • Using HEPA filters in your vacuum.
  • Change your heating and air conditioning filters often.
  • Avoiding nasal irritants, such as smoke, perfume, aerosol sprays, smoke, smog, and car exhaust. 
  • Wash your bedding often; we recommend weekly and in hot water. 

Surgery as a Chronic Rhinitis Treatment 

We recommend exploring surgery as an effective chronic rhinitis treatment for those with stubborn chronic rhinitis that has diminished and negatively impacted their daily lives. 

At ExcelENT, we offer RhinAer, an exceptional procedure that treats chronic rhinitis and provides long-lasting relief from its symptoms. 

RhinAer addresses the root cause of chronic rhinitis, which is the abnormal nerve (posterior nasal nerve) within your nose that triggers chronic inflammation and excessive mucus production. Using the RhinAer tool, we apply temperature-controlled radiofrequency energy to access the lining of your nose and tweak the function of your dysfunctional posterior nasal nerve. 

The end result? A dramatic reduction in the amount of mucus generated in your nose, minimizing the drainage and stuffiness, providing significant relief. 

So who is RhinAer right for? 

Those with difficult chronic rhinitis symptoms that don’t respond to first-line treatments, like nasal sprays and antihistamines, as well as other forms of treatment, like allergy immunotherapy shots. 

Treating Chronic Rhinitis at ExcelENT 

The team at ExcelENT of Alabama is passionate about sinus health and helping patients breathe better. If you’re suffering from chronic rhinitis and are searching for an effective treatment plan, get in touch with Dr. Davis. He will get you feeling better and breathing better in no time! Call 205-988-6858 or schedule an appointment here.


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