At ExcelENT of Alabama, Dr. Davis takes pride in evaluating each patient by obtaining a complete medical history and performing a thorough head and neck examination at the first office visit.   We strongly encourage you to use our secure web portal to ensure a complete and accurate medical history.

ENT Examination

A complete ENT examination includes inspection of the face, ears, nose, throat and neck.    The specialty nasal examination is performed with a headlight and a handheld speculum that allows Dr. Davis to examine the nasal septum and turbinates closely.  Your nose will often be examined before and after application of a decongestant nose spray.

Nasal endoscopy

Nasal endoscopy is commonly performed in patients with nasal, sinus, or allergy complaints.  The nurse will spray your nose with a decongestant combined with lidocaine.  Dr. Davis will then pass a small telescope into each nostril to obtain a magnified view.  He can readily identify abnormal swellings/edema, enlarged turbinates, nasal polyps, septal deformities, and sinus drainage.   In all cases, Dr. Davis will display the endoscopic image on a television monitor, so that you can better understand your condition.

Medical management of chronic sinusitis

If Dr. Davis determines you have chronic sinusitis he will likely attempt medical management of your sinus condition initially.  This includes the use of antibiotics, nasal sprays, and sinus washes. Many times patients have already attempted these therapies.  If Dr. Davis and you determine that despite the use of appropriate medical management that your sinus symptoms are still not being controlled, then Dr. Davis will likely obtain a CT scan of your sinuses.

Sinus CT/CT consultation

Our Carestream Point of Care CT scanner allows Dr. Davis to see the detailed anatomy and contents of all the sinuses.    Dr. Davis offers the immediate availability of a 2 minute scan in our own office, saving you a separate trip to a radiology center/hospital and then a second visit with us to discuss the results.  The test is commonly used to document chronic sinusitis and to evaluate the potential benefit of Balloon Sinuplasty or endoscopic sinus surgery.  Our open access, special use scanner exposes you to 80-90% less radiation than full-size scanners at a hospital.

After the CT scan is obtained, Dr. Davis will spend 30-40 minutes with you discussing your findings on the CT scan and illustrate how those findings relate to your sinus symptoms.   If surgery is recommended and desired by the patient he will thoroughly discuss your surgical options using state of the art patient education computer modules.

chronic sinusitis evaluation