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A man holding a glass of water puts a hand to his sore throat.

Treating a Hoarse Voice 101: The Stroboscopy

For one reason or another, most of us have had a hoarse voice at different points in our lives. While we often associate this condition with the aftermath of fun activities like singing loudly at a concert or overexerting ourselves…

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A man eating a plate of food experiences trouble swallowing.

Why Do I Have Swallowing Problems?

According to research done on a National Health Interview Survey, 1 in 25 adults will experience a swallowing problem every year. If you’re one of those 25, then you know how often it can affect your day-to-day activities, but the…

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a woman looking at the camera

5 Surprising Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing

Your voice and breathing are very closely connected. In fact, if you have any voice or reflux issues, your breathing may be to blame. Your breath is fuel for your voice and makes vocalization possible. If you're relying primarily on…

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a woman sitting in a chair talking on a cell phone

Chronic Cough: Signs, Symptoms, & Treatments

What Are Signs, Symptoms, & Treatments For A Chronic Cough? This October, flu season, sinus infections, and other seasonal ailments are frequent as we head into the winter months. Many of us experience a cough along with these seasonal sicknesses,…

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a close up of a person holding a sign

What to Do About Frequent Throat Clearing

We all clear our throats sometimes without giving it much thought. We may do it to get someone’s attention, to clear our throats of mucus or the feeling that something’s stuck, or it may be a nervous habit. While there…

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a man holding a sign

Causes of Chronic Cough

A cough that just won’t go away is one of the most common reasons for a visit to the doctor. Many people initially visit their primary care physician, but if the issue isn’t easily resolved, other doctors and specialists may…

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