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The Benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty for Chronic Sinusitis

Benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty for Chronic Sinusitis Over 31 million people suffer from sinus problems and look to over-the-counter medications and antibiotics to relieve pressure, pain, and inflammation. For some, these remedies may be helpful, but for others, symptoms may…

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Breathe Easier This Holiday Season with VivAer®

Breathe Easier With VivAer® The holidays are full of joyful occasions like office parties, family get-togethers, and even cozy moments at home. The last thing you want is difficulty breathing, headaches, and fatigue while celebrating the most wonderful time of…

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Cutting Edge Biologic Options for Sinus Problems

Over the years, we have made many strides in improving the way we are able to treat sinus issues. One common problem that has continued to be a challenge is treating chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis (nasal polyps).  When it…

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All About Nasal Congestion

There are two words we hear a lot at ExcelENT all year round, but especially during these cold winter months: “nasal congestion.” While it can be short lived, and it may resolve quickly without intervention, it often comes out of…

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