Custom Hearing Aid Devices to Match Your Lifestyle

Private lifestyle

If you are generally exposed to minimal amounts of background noise, but struggle to hear quiet conversations and noises around your house, a private lifestyle hearing aid may be right for you.

quiet lifestyle

Do you struggle to hear your television, your friends when you are eating at a quiet restaurant, or the television when you are at home? If so, then a quiet lifestyle hearing aid may be right for you.

active lifestyle

If you frequently attend large group events, sporting events, and social gatherings, but also enjoy quiet time at home, you may benefit from an active lifestyle hearing aid custom fit for every patient.

dynamic lifestyle

Do you frequent busy restaurants and entertainment venues, and participate in outdoor activities or frequent social gatherings? A dynamic lifestyle hearing aid may be right for you.

Don't Miss Out On Life's Important Moments Due to Hearing Loss

Are you missing out on conversations with family, sounds of laughter, important information at work? When your hearing suffers, your quality of life may begin to suffer as well. We want you to enjoy all life’s special moments to their fullest potential, and it is our goal at the Hearing Place to make sure that happens.

Through comprehensive hearing evaluations, specialized diagnostic testing, and treatment with modern hearing aids, we will make sure your hearing doesn’t get in the way of your living.

Hearing Center Testimonials

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LYRIC Hearing Aids by Phonak

LYRIC hearing aids are 100% invisible and are made to be worn around the clock for extended amounts of time. This new technology in hearing aids offers convenience, discretion, and high-quality, natural sound quality around the clock. Ask our Birmingham Audiologist if Lyric is right for you. Learn about Lyric.

Lyric hearing aids

Sophisticated hearing loss solutions for Alabama patients from Hoover, Tuscaloosa and Gadsden at our Birmingham practice