Patient Testimonials

The Excel Sinus Process Stopped Her Sinus Infections

“I have had numerous sinus infections for the last several years. Sometime last summer I seemed to be having them continuously. They wouldn’t even clear up between medications. That’s what prompted me to check into the surgery.

There was enough going on that sinuplasty would work for me, and it did. I was surprised at how little pain I had, at how quickly I recovered, at how well I can breathe. I have not had a sinus infection since my surgery.

I was very impressed with the facility, with the staff. I was shocked the evening after my surgery when Dr. Davis himself called to see how I was doing. It was wonderful.”

Vocal Function Exercises Preserved Her Ability to Sing

“What brought me was the fact that for three weeks I noticed that I had severe hoarseness that I had never had in the past, that wouldn’t seem to go away.

I sing a lot in the choir, and I realized I need to lower my tone which I learned was putting a strain on my vocal chords, something I didn’t think was a problem.

I was taught to do what was called vocal functions, and it was how I breathe, how I inhale, exhale, how I lowered my pitch. The relaxed voice has brought so much comfort to me talking, as well as singing.

It’s such a good comfortable feeling that I didn’t realize it was part of living. It’s affected me tremendously. I’m very impressed and very thankful.”

Balloon Sinuplasty & Vocal Function Gave Her Solutions

“Hoarseness, congestion, headaches, pressure, I just can’t have that in my job. I have to talk and communicate a lot, and that kept me from my job. This is something I’ve been dealing with my whole life, and I was looking for a final solution.

I feel great. I can breathe so much better. I can sleep so much better. I like to run, and I would stop because I could not breathe. Now I can run double the time I used to run.

I had been hoarse for 3-4 months, and I was a little concerned. When I came here for my sinus issues, I also came for my voice issues. We worked on my breathing, relaxation in my neck. My voice is more consistent, it doesn’t go in and out like it used to. I learned things to do. I applied those things to every day.”

Voice Techniques Make Things Better

“If your voice feels tired, you know how to address it, and just knowing what to do makes things so much better.”

Relief for a Longtime Sinus Sufferer

“Just lots of sinus infections and not feeling well. Headaches, lots of headaches. I’ve been dealing with it for years. I went to many doctors. [I had concerns] because I had heard all types of negative responses about sinus surgery, so, I have to admit that I went into it a little fearful. I feel really good. I’ve felt good since surgery. I can breathe, I mean, like from the beginning. It has been the best thing I could ever have done.”