Voice Evaluation Services

What happens during a voice evaluation?

A complete medical and voice case history is obtained from a patient report. The patient will answer questions regarding the onset date and duration of the specific voice problems and complete questionnaires. The voice quality will be perceptually analyzed using the Digital Strobe Voice Analyzer where the patient speaks into a microphone and the voice is acoustically measured for quantitative and objective data.The voice evaluations consist of a review of the patient’s medical history, an acoustic analysis and video stroboscopic evaluation by our team of speech pathologist and otolaryngologist.

Voice evaluations are provided for people with the following problems:

  • nasal voice
  • hoarseness
  • loss of voice
  • high or low pitch voice
  • breathiness
  • strain
  • aphonia: lack of voice
  • loudness: too loud or soft
  • variability: monotone
  • chronic clearing of the throat

Digital Strobe Voice Analysis Program

The Digital Strobe Voice Analysis Program is a part of our comprehensive voice evaluation and voice therapy protocol. It is a speech-acquisition and analysis program that allows the voice therapist to collect acoustic measurements on patient’s voices. The quantitative acoustic analysis compliments the Laryngeal Video EndoStroboscopy examination of patients. This feature allows each patient to see and hear with additional graphs and plots their own voice analysis. Our voice case history includes patient description of vocal use, vocal habits and vocal deficits experienced in the everyday use of their voice.