Ear Infections

The doctors at Excel ENT of Alabama specialize in diagnosing and treating problems related to the ear in both children and adults.

What is Otitis Media?

Otitis media also known as an ear infection, otitis media is an infection and/or presence of fluid in the middle ear. This infection can cause earaches and can be connected to a cold, flu, sinus, or respiratory problems in both children and adults.

Symptoms of Ear Infections

The following are common symptoms experienced with ear infections:

  • ear pain
  • fever
  • ear drainage
  • trouble sleeping
  • trouble hearing


Middle ear infections can be diagnosed by an ENT specialist using any of the following procedures:

  • history
  • physical exam
  • tympanometry
  • hearing evaluations


Treatments for ear infections will be determined by your doctor but may include the following:

  • antibiotics
  • ear drops
  • surgery

For more information on treating ear infections, contact Excel ENT of Alabama.