ExcelENT of Alabama Sinus, Hearing and Voice Specialists in Birmingham

ExcelENT of Alabama specializes in treating adults and children with Ear Nose and Throat conditions including sinusitis, disorders of the ear, hearing loss, and disorders of the throat and voice. Our ENT specialists include Dr. J. Christopher Davis, a board certified otolaryngologist, Dana Tulloss, Au.D., and Carleen Ozley, SLP certified speech and language pathologist.

Dr. Davis has been in practice in the greater Birmingham area since 2004. His desire to provide the highest quality ENT care prompted him to establish ExcelENT of Alabama in March of 2011. Since that time, many exciting events have occurred in the life of his practice. In May of 2011, ExcelENT of Alabama moved into its present state of the art location. This facility allows our specialists to provide the highest level of ENT care in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

ExcelENT of Alabama Ear Nose and Throat Specialists

Treating Disorders of the Ear Nose and Throat

Dr. Davis has a special interest in sinus and voice disorders. He has established one of the only sinus and voice centers in the area. ExcelENT of Alabama is equipped with the latest endoscopic technology in diagnosing and treating all types of nasal pathology. He is extremely knowledgable in the area of endoscopic sinus surgery. In fact, Dr. Davis is one of the most experienced surgeons in Alabama that provides the advanced Excel Sinus Process for severe sinus patients. This exciting technology allows for the surgical treatment of sinusits in a more convenient less invasive manner. Please see our Sinus Center page for more information.

The specialists at ExcelENT of Alabama can diagnose and treat all types of voice and swallowing disorders. Dr. Davis established one of the few voice and swallowing laboratories in Alabama in 2005. Since that time many exciting additions have occured. In February of 2012, the Voice Center and Swallowing Center welcomed Carleen F. Ozley, M.S. CCC-SLP to the team. She is one of the most experienced speech language pathologists in the area, specializing in the diagnosis, management and treatment of voice and swallowing disorders. In addition, ExcelENT of Alabama has one of the few state of the art KayPentax strobe units in Alabama. This equipment provides the most accurate means in diagnosing and treating all types of voice and swallowing disorders. Please see our Voice and Swallowing Center page for more information.

In order to diagnose and treat the hearing needs for Dr. Davis’s patients, The Hearing Place at ExcelENT was established in May of 2011. Dana Tulloss, our in house audiologist, can perform the testing needed to diagnose and treat all forms of hearing loss. The Hearing Place has associations with the most advanced hearing instrument companies in the world. Thesedigital hearing instruments have revolutionized how patients with hearing impairments can now interact with their world. With her years of experience to draw upon, she is capable of fitting the perfect hearing instrument for patients who suffer from hearing loss. Please see The Hearing Place page for more information.

With the latest state of the art facilities and a comfortable atmosphere, it is our primary goal at ExcelENT of Alabama to truly excel in meeting the Ear Nose and Throat needs for all of our patients.

For more information or to schedule an appointment at ExcelENT of Alabama, email us or call (205) 208-8341.

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