In the United States, 7.1% of adults wear hearing aids, and while that number may initially sound small, that’s just surveying adults over 45. In fact, it’s estimated that 28.8 million adults in the United States could benefit from hearing aids. So why aren’t more people wearing these helpful hearing solutions? We’d like to make an educated guess—the stigma of using hearing aids.

Luckily, auditory technology has come a long way in the last few years! There are numerous discreet hearing aids on the market that are subtle and high-performing. In this blog, the experts at Excel ENT discuss our top five most discreet hearing aids so that you can stay engaged in life without feeling self-conscious.

What Are the Most Discreet Hearing Aids?

We’re glad you asked! Hearing problems can cause feelings of anxiety and embarrassment, and while there’s nothing to be worried about, the last thing you want is your hearing aid drawing more attention to any auditory problems. At Excel ENT, we understand that you want style AND function, and we’re here to say—our trusted brands have delivered. Keep on reading to learn about the latest hearing aid offerings that are discreet and comfortable while offering top-notch sound.

Genesis AI from Starkey

The latest hearing aid from Starkey doesn’t disappoint! Equipped with an all-new processor that mimics the function of the central auditory system, the Genesis AI is powerful, sleek, and user-friendly. As you may have guessed, the Genesis AI uses the latest AI technology, creating better sound quality and a more natural experience for the user, analyzing sound over 80 million times an hour.

And even though this aid is working hard, it doesn’t compromise battery life, with up to 51 hours from one single charge. Beyond a sleek and stylish fit, the Genesis AI has all the bells and whistles, including a step-count feature, a social engagement tracker, and even a fall detector that can alert loved ones.

Phonak Audéo™ P-RL

Phonak Audéo™ P-RL is an award-winning, discreet hearing aid device created by experts in Zurich, Switzerland. With various features designed for an active lifestyle, you don’t have to sacrifice your next beach day or sweat session with Phonak’s P-RL hearing aid. In fact, this aid can be submerged up to 1.64 feet (50 centimeters) of water, including pools.

This device also tracks other data like your heart rate, steps, and activity levels, empowering you to live a happy, fulfilling life. With eight refined and stylish colors to choose from, the P-RL device offers award-winning sound quality and a myriad of personalized digital opportunities.

Phonak Slim™ by Phonak

The Phonak Slim creates a natural hearing experience for its users, so good you may even forget you’re wearing it! The Phonak Slim boasts a never-before-seen shape designed to naturally sit behind your ear. If you wear glasses, no need to worry. The Phonak Slim offers a sleek aesthetic and sound for everyone.

Designed with Phonak SmartSpeech™ Technology, the Phonak Slim tailors sound to your unique needs, reducing the workload of listening to free up other cognitive resources. This aid comes in four colors, so you never have to compromise your style. Charging fully in just three hours, the Phonak Slim matches your unique lifestyle in its fashion, technology, and functionality.

Pure Charge & Go T AX by Signia

With their state-of-the-art Augmented Xperience, Signia’s Pure Charge & Go T AX offers a hearing experience like never before. Instead of a traditional processor, this discreet hearing aid includes two processors, one for sounds in focus and another for surroundings. And the technology doesn’t stop there. This model allows you to connect with audio loop systems, IOS and Android devices, and landline phones effortlessly.

Are you tired of your own voice sounding artificial in your ears? With Own Voice Processing 2.0, you can hear yourself (and others) more clearly with fluid, crisp auditory processing with the Pure Charge & Go T AX hearing aid. Offering multiple styles, including behind-the-ear and in-the-canal, you’re sure to find a model that’s just right for you.

Styletto AX by Signia

Small but mighty is the Styletto AX by Signia! Featuring their Augmented Xperience technology like the Pure Charge & Go T AX, this discreet hearing aid is sophisticated, elegant, and jam-packed with technology. Coming in 12 colors, you can easily match the Styletto AX to your hair color, glasses, or personality.

Plus, Styletto AX filters conversation and background noise separately to experience natural, high-quality hearing—no matter where you are. With a battery life of 20 hours on a single charge, no echoing, on-the-go charging, and hands-free technology for IOS, the Styletto AX offers exceptional hearing clarity with all the extra details you want.

Feel Confident Each and Every Day with Excel ENT

While it’s exciting to have so many discreet hearing aids to choose from, we understand it can also be overwhelming. At Excel ENT, our team of audiologists can help you find the right hearing aid based on your hearing loss, budget, aesthetics, and so much more. Plus, we offer a 30-day trial on all hearing aids, so you can rest assured your hearing aid will complement your lifestyle.

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