In accordance with current CDC and American Academy of Otolaryngology recommendations published 3/20/2020, we are limiting in person visits to urgent and emergent conditions, in order to maximize social distancing for our patients and our staff, to delay spread of the virus.

We have developed an ENT-specific telehealth triage and initial care management system.

Dr. Davis will evaluate all patients initially through a telehealth portal.  He will personally triage all referrals, and immediately personally see urgent or time sensitive conditions requiring in person evaluation in the clinic, which will remain open.  We will provide a telehealth visit for all conditions for which an in person exam is unnecessary or can reasonably be delayed, arranging initial workup, and providing diagnosis, initial treatment, and follow up plan for the patient.

We believe this will be the best way to continue the provision of ongoing necessary community ENT care, avoiding flooding our overwhelmed Urgent Care and ER systems with patients with ENT conditions we would normally manage through our clinic.

Dr. Davis will resume elective surgery and full clinic operations as soon as deemed safe for the community to do so, and we are monitoring the situation daily.

As always, we are available to you directly to provide consultation and arrange expedited evaluation or treatment plans.  Please feel free to contact us directly anytime through our office phone at 205.988.6858.

Routine referrals will be handled through our office at 205.988.6858 or fax 205.987.3501.

We wish all of you ongoing health as we continue to fight this epidemic together.